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Monday, September 17, 2018

Challenge Words, Fall Fest Quick Start Assembly

Spelling Challenge Words:
We started something in spelling this week.  Every week, students who get 12 or more correct on their spelling pretest will get an additional 5 words on their spelling test.  They will know on Monday morning if they have the challenge words (there will be a big red stamp that says "Challenge!" on their spelling pretest).  Each week starts fresh, so they'll have a chance each week to get the challenge words.

Fall Fest Quick Start Assembly:
Our biggest fundraiser of the year is coming up, and we have our Quick Start assembly on Friday at 2:30!  At this assembly, the students will get hyped up to raise money, and they'll get information on how to collect money, the prizes and incentives, raffle entries, and more!  You're welcome to attend if you're able to!  Be prepared to pick up an excited 2nd grader on Friday!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Box Tops for Education!

We are starting something different at BL, and it involves how we're going to be collecting Box Tops.  Box Tops benefit our school by providing funds for extra things.  Each box top is worth 10 cents, and they add up more quickly than you might think!

There will be an envelope outside of the 2nd grade classroom door.  When your child brings Box Tops into school, they can place them in that envelope.  At the end of each month, our Box Top volunteer will collect all of the envelopes and keep track of how much was brought in by each class.  The class with the most Box Tops gets a prize!

Start clipping those Box Tops and sending them in!  2nd grade would love a prize!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Number Spellings

Good afternoon!

Today in math we learned how to read and write numbers.  We learned that numbers have a picture and a name.  We also learned that a hyphen goes between tens and ones.

On their homework, the students will need to spell the number names correctly.  I don't expect them to memorize how to spell each number name, so I told them I'd put the spelling up on the blog, too.  This is the table that  was in our math book, so it should be familiar to them.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Spelling Pretests and Book Orders

Today was the first Monday of the school year, and we not only survived, we thrived!  This class is really settling in and I've been so impressed by their willingness to learn new ways of doing things and help each other.

Spelling Pretest:
We had our first spelling pretest today.  Your student will be bringing it home.  This does NOT count as part of their spelling grade.  The purpose of spelling pretests is for the students to find out what they already know so they can better spend their time studying the things they need more work on.  I told the kids that, if they get 0 right on the pretest, that is perfectly fine!

Starting next week, students who get 12 or more correct on the pretest will have the challenge words.  There will be a bright red stamp that says, "Challenge" on their work if they get the challenge words, and they should circle it on their homework record sheet, as well.  Again, that will begin next week.

Book Orders:
The first book order flyers were sent home last week.  They are due September 13.  We will do these monthly, and I am only accepting online orders this year.  Also, parents who order online will get to pick out a $5 book.  Log in and see the code at the top of the website!  Let me know if you have any questions or problems with it!

Hot Lunch:
Just a quick note that hot lunch this week is Arby's.  There was a switch from the original order due to scheduling conflicts.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Open House and Ice Cream Social

Just a quick reminder that our open house and ice cream social is next Thursday, September 13.  Classrooms will be open from 6:00-6:30 for the open house, and then we will head out to the east field to enjoy some ice cream and fellowship.  I hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tuesday, September 4

We're getting into the swing of school, and I have been so impressed with how much the 2nd graders have matured!  They are showing excellent self-control and focus.  It's so fun to see their growth from last year until now!

Flash Cards:
The students cut out some flash cards to use for their 5 minutes of nightly flash card practice.  They can use those flash cards, or any other math flash cards, each night.  Some students use those provided to them all year, others mix it up with online games (there's one on our Math Connects website--see the Math Connects link to the right), homemade flash cards, flash card apps, or other purchased flash cards.  As long as they're practicing math facts for 5 minutes each night, I don't care which flash cards they use.

Hot Lunch:
Hot lunch begins tomorrow.  If your child ordered hot lunch and paid by the deadline, they'll have that at lunchtime.  If you did not order this week, please send a lunch with your child.

Spelling Tests:
We will have our first spelling test on Friday.  I gave the students 15 words, but will be grading the test out of 10 to give them some grace as they get back into the swing of things.  We'll have 15 words next week, and we'll also begin pretests next week.  Starting the following week (September 17), students who get 12 or more correct on their pretest will get an additional 5 challenge words.  My goal is to differentiate instruction in as many ways as possible.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday--We Made It!

We finished off our first week strong!  We got a chance to meet our 6th grade reading buddies today!  Ask your student who their buddy is (it's normal for them to have forgotten their name by the end of the day :P).

We also had our first memory work test.  I am very understanding when it comes to memory work--I do not grade spelling, and I am fairly fluent in 2nd grade phonetic spelling. ;)  It is not meant to be high-stress--as long as they show that they know the Bible verse, I am happy.

We also had our first Spanish session with Mr. Reyes.  Ask your 2nd grader what they did!

We also discussed our Purple Hand Pledge.  We say this pledge in the mornings, along with our pledge of allegiance to the cross and to the flag, showing its importance to our school.  The pledge states, "I will not use my hands or my words for hurting myself or others."  After discussing what this looks like, and what we should be using our hands and words for, the students take the pledge, outline their hand on purple paper, and sign it to indicate that they make this pledge.  These hands will be posted for the year, and we oftentimes come back to the pledge and discuss it as needed.

We ended the day with some work time and a low-key art project.  The 2nd graders colored a few Christian bookmarks to use in class this year.  Then we went over our morning work together and ended with a treat. :)

A quick note about flavored water:  in order to be good stewards of the building that we have, I ask that you not send your child with dark juices that easily stain the carpet.  This includes powder packets that can be put into water and mixed.  This will minimize stains and messes, and will make lunchtime much less stressful for the students, teacher, and lunch parents.  Thank you for your understanding!

Have a blessed, restful weekend!

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