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Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall Fest!

You will be receiving an e-mail from the office about Fall Fest, but I wanted to highlight a few important pieces of information on here, too!  Please let me know if you have any questions about how this works!

Quick Start Weekend:
For every $50 raised by a student, they get an entry into the prize drawings.  THIS WEEKEND ONLY, every $50 will receive TWO entries.  DOUBLE ENTRIES THIS WEEKEND ONLY!  Packets are due back on TUESDAY!

Free Race Shirt:
Every student who raises $50 or more gets a free race shirt!  In order for your child to receive the shirt before race day, they'll need to register for the race online at http://www.blsfallfest.org/ before SEPTEMBER 27.  They'll need to click $50 Student Pledges/Donor 1 Mile.  

IMPORTANT:  Even if your student does not raise the $50 by the 27th, they still need to be registered by then in order to ensure that they will have a shirt by race day.  They have until October 12 to raise the $50 for the free shirt.

Return the Packets:
Packets should be returned on the TUESDAY of each week, and students will have them handed back so they can keep raising money.

Classroom Prizes:
Here are the amounts our class needs to raise in order to get the following prizes:

  • $2,000--Ice Cream Party!
  • $2,000--Walking Field Trip
  • $2,500--Principal Pow-Wow with Miss Stueve and her dog, Gus!

Monday, September 18, 2017

MAP Testing, Hot Lunch Orders, and Book Orders

As cooler weather approaches, please remind your student to bring a jacket to school.  The weather shifts so quickly in the fall, dressing in layers and being prepared is always the best way to go!  Thank you!

MAP Testing:
We will be taking the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests this week.  These are computerized tests that give us some data regarding where the students are starting 2nd grade.  This is the first year BL students take the MAP test, so the students will be figuring out the format of the test, as well as trying to show what they know through the test.  Please keep in mind that this is just one way to measure what the students know, and we look at the whole child here at BL.  So while it is useful, it is NOT high stakes testing at all!

Here are some things you can do to help your child do their best on their MAP test:

  1. Make sure they get plenty of sleep and are well-rested for the test.
  2. Feed them a nutritious, filling breakfast.
  3. Get them to school on time to alleviate the stress of arriving late.
  4. Encourage them--we take the test right after announcements, so your encouraging words in the morning will still be with them as they sit down to test.
Hot Lunch Orders:
Hot lunch orders are due September 29 for October.  It's online this year: https://bls.hotlunches.net/

Book Orders:
Scholastic book orders went home with the 2nd graders last week.  If you misplaced your flyers, you can still order.  I am only accepting online orders this year.  Go to the "Scholastic Book Orders" link on the left of the blog.  The class code is: GT3NP.  Orders are due September 28 and should arrive about a week later.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Library and Technology

We finally had our first Monday of the school year, which means we had library and technology today!  In technology we just got our computers set up with a shortcut to the blog so we can use our time more effectively in the future.  We also had a chance to explore the blog and see what is available to the students through that. 

Library will be on Mondays, so library books will be due the next Monday that we have library.  Reminders are sent home for students who forget their books.

We had our first spelling pretest today.  The pretest is just a way for the students to see which words they need to study harder throughout the week.  Normally, there will be 5 challenge words that will be given to students who get 12 or more on their pretest correct (in addition to the list of 15 words), but this week we started off slowly.  If your child got 100% on their pretest this week only, they will not have to take the spelling test on Friday.

Have a great week!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to Draw Lemonade

In an effort to change up what the kids are doing for their many indoor recesses, today we did another drawing tutorial.  I promised the 2nd graders I would post the link on the blog, so here you go!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3DDO8n1NPY

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Minion Drawing and AR Notes

Minion Drawing:
To shake things up, one of our indoor recesses was a drawing lesson from Kids Hub on YouTube.  We drew a minion!  Ask your child to show you theirs!  In case they want to draw it again, or finish the one they started at school, here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td_BpE4DDXA&t=639s

Blue AR Notes:
Several students took their first AR tests of the year today.  As is typical, several students chose a long, difficult book and didn't pass their first time.  This happens all the time, and it's good practice for the students to learn how to focus on a book and read it for understanding.
When students take an AR test, they will bring home a small blue note with their name, the date, the title of the book, the level of the book, and the score they got.  Please look at these and discuss them with your student, especially if they didn't pass (passing is 80% or higher).  If they didn't pass, please discuss strategies for better reading comprehension, as well as stress the importance of slowing down and rereading for understanding.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Flash Cards and Hot Lunch

As I write this, the second graders are cutting out flash cards to use for their flash card homework.  They do not have to use the flash cards that I provide--as long as they're practicing math facts for five minutes each night, that counts as their flash cards.  Some other options: Math Connects (linked on our blog) Fact Dash, student-made math flash cards, flash card online games or apps, math fact worksheets.  Flash cards should stay in their homework folder, in case we have time to do flash cards at school.

Homework starts this week!  20 minutes of reading and 5 minutes of flash cards are not optional anymore, and they will have a page of spelling practice today for homework.  The homework page shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes at the most, so if your child is taking longer, please check in with them to see why (usually it's a focus issue, not that it's too challenging).  Part of the students' homework is to ask an adult to sign their homework sheet for reading and flash cards.

Hot lunch starts tomorrow, so if your child ordered hot lunch for tomorrow, they don't need to bring a lunch.  If you didn't order hot lunch, they will need to bring a lunch as usual.

Have a great week!

Friday, September 1, 2017

We Made It!

UPDATE:  Thanks to some wonderful responses from parents, we have all but Wednesday covered for lunch!  If you're interested in covering Wednesday from 11:15-12:00 (this is hot lunch day), let me know!  Thank you so much!

We finished off our first week strong!  We got a chance to meet our 7th grade reading buddies today!  Ask your student who their buddy is (it's normal for them to have forgotten their name by the end of the day :P).

We also had our first memory work test.  I am very understanding when it comes to memory work--I do not grade spelling, and I am fairly fluent in 2nd grade phonetic spelling. ;)  It is not meant to be high-stress--as long as they show that they know the Bible verse, I am happy.

We also had our first P.E. session with Ms. Stueve.  Ask your 2nd grader what they did!

We also discussed our Purple Hand Pledge.  We say this pledge in the mornings, along with our pledge of allegiance to the cross and to the flag, showing its importance to our school.  The pledge states, "I will not use my hands or my words for hurting myself or others."  After discussing what this looks like, and what we should be using our hands and words for, the students take the pledge, outline their hand on purple paper, and sign it to indicate that they make this pledge.  These hands will be posted for the year, and we oftentimes come back to the pledge and discuss it as needed.

We ended the day with a fun project called a ME quilt piece.  Each students got a (paper) quilt piece and decorated it based on certain criteria (i.e., different colors for boy/girl, birth order, number of pets, etc.).  These will be posted in the hallway for our ice cream social--I hope you're able to stop by to see if you can guess which piece is your child's!

Have a blessed, restful weekend!

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